*           Of sense and sensuality
                          and the beauty of silence

Lynn Schoene, Lifeboat
Lifeboat, 2007, 240 x 60 x 86 cm beeswax, cotton, iron

After focusing for many years on painting and its manifold possibilities, Lynn Schoene – a British artist based in Germany - finds herself on the borderline between painting, 3-dimensional wall objects and sculpture. These three elements are often combined in space or theme-related environments.

She prefers to work with natural materials such as beeswax, felt, fibres, earth pigments and bitumen, and regards this as a symbolic act of acquirement of the powers of nature, transferring their energy and charisma to her artworks. For many years, a main theme in her work was her own Celtic roots and Celtic mythology.*

The impact of the material being used, its tactility and allegorical power, give Lynn Schoenes artworks an appealing element of sensuality and silent beauty.

“It is always the material itself which inspires Lynn Schoene and provides impetus for new ideas. The material becomes the theme.”**

* taken from a catalogue text by Stefan Hohenadel, Heidelberg 2007

** taken from an introductory text by Dr. Ulrike Hauser-Suida, Heidelberg 2006

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